PATENT BUREAU - PLOVDIV is a specialized office with licensed professional appraisers of intangible assets (reg. № 400100023/2009). This can be defined as one of the priorities of our work, emphasizing the protection of copyrights and related rights, which we carry out not only nationally but also internationally.

Copyright protection of copyright objects

The activity of the PATENT BUREAU – PLOVDIV in this respect, includes: specialized legal advice concerning the copyright protection of copyright objects, preparation of various types of contracts and annexes related to the granting and /or assignment of certain copyright objects, as well as carrying out procedural court and /or out-of-court representation in arisen or forthcoming copyright disputes.

Our office has already established more than 30 years' traditions in the field of the Intellectual Property, constantly monitoring and implementing all national and global innovations and current solutions in copyright law. Our highly qualified team of professionals with significant experience in the field of the Intellectual Property and in particular copyright has frequently participated in working groups and commissions on development and evaluation of national legislative projects, rule-making initiatives and recommendations to various advisory councils in the Ministry of Culture and other institutions, as well as we have prepared a large number of specialized publications in scientific journals from 1982 to the present.

Intellectual property

As university lecturers we have provided valuable academic help and legal training of university staff in Plovdiv, for more than 25 years. Our teaching activities in the field of the Intellectual Property include dozens of participations in various qualification courses, training seminars and conferences on copyright. As in all these years, we have provided valuable assistance to hundreds of authors and corporate clients, which has been directly related to the arisen copyrights and related rights, their protection and realization. As long-term experts in Regional and District Courts, we have provided expert help and assistance to judicial and procedural bodies in resolving current copyright disputes concerning the protection of objects of copyright in the country and EU.

The scope of the legal consultations provided by the PATENT BUREAU - PLOVDIV is focused and includes wide range of all categories and branches of the business - authors, manufacturers, traders, internet-based and online platforms, concerning their copyright preparation. In the already globalized world market, the Intellectual Property, which is used on the Internet, is one of the defining business aspects of the 21st century. PATENT BUREAU - PLOVDIV is one of the few in Bulgaria that has developed experience and basic knowledge in accordance with the specifics of the already entering Internet law and online environment.

Copyright claims

PATENT BUREAU - PLOVDIV provides competent legal protection in administrative and criminal proceedings related to possible infringements of copyrights or related rights, copyright claims under the Law on Copyrights and Related Rights, as well as qualified protection in cases and criminal proceedings under Article 172a of the Penal Code. If you need reliable legal assistance regarding copyright protection, you can consult with our team at a time and place convenient for you.

Patent Bureau Plovdiv